ID Name Author
M00821 1 & 2 Peter Louis A. Barbierl TH.D.
M00807 1 Corinthians Roy R. Matheson, TH.D.
I-9971-972-71-9 A Boy's War David Michell
C-91-77847 A Heart for Imbabura Charles W. Shepson
C-89-30734 A Requiem for Love Calvin Miller
I-0-87552-606-3 Addiction-A Banquet in the Grave Edward T. Welch
I-0-87552-605-5 Age of Opportunity Paul David Tripp
I-0-8423-2926-9 Apollyon (A Left Behind Book 5) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
C-98-106711 Are you out there, God? Sister Mary Rose McGeady
I-0-8423-2927-7 Assassins (A Left Behind Book 6) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
I-0-8407-4378-5 Avidence that demands a verdict Josh Mcdowell
I-0-8910-99549 Becoming a Woman of Prayer Cynthia Heald
C-97-10987 Behind the Locked Door Paul McCusker
I-0-8007-8633-5 Born Again Charles W. Colson
I-1-57673-709-8 boy meets girl Joshua Harris
I-0-8423-5266-X Bringing up boys Dr. James Dobson
C-90-26758 But You Don't Understand Paul Borthwick
C-85-25666 China: The Church's Long March David H. Adeney
I-9971-84-591-1 Chinese Culture and the Bible David Hock Tey
M002 Choosing Plan A in a Plan B World Jerry White
I-0-8024-1422-2 Christina Tsai Christian Tsai
C-89-385 Consider This Maurice R. Irvin
C-87-70197 Could You Not Tarry One Hour Larry Lea
C-84-4934 Count It All Joy Grady Wilson
C-87-81013 Cry Joy Jerry Mercer
I-0-8010-9059-8 CULTURE SHIFT David W. Henderson
I-0-8024-2226-8 Devotions for the Children's Hour Keneth N. Taylor
C-83-51304 Evaluate and Grow Harold J. Westing
C-91-38580 Evangelism through the local Church Michael Green
C-94-40465 Faxes to God Joyce Shira Starr
C-92-0954448 Footprints Margaret Fishback power
M006 From harvard to Harlem Martin De. Hann II
M004 From Now On Ralph Shallis
I-0-87509-163-6 Gems from Tozer A. W. Tozer
C-95-11755 God's Gift for Mothers Kay Kilgore Wheeler
M003 God's Lost Children Mary Rose McGeady
I-1-57748-374-X Great Is Thy Faithfulness Larry Burkett
M00819 Hebrews William MacDonald, M.B.A.
I-1-885729-06-5 Hidden Manna Charles Shepson
I-1-885729-06-5 Hidden Manna Charles Shepson
M001 Hidden Manna for the Caregiver Charles Shepson
I-0-8423-1808-9 How Shall We Live? Charles W. Colson
C-92-40881 How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth Gordon Fee
M01101 How to study(A practical guide from a Christian perspective) Edward J. Shewan
I-1-55748-338-8 Hudson Taylor Phylis Thompson
I-1-55748-338-8 Hudson Taylor Phylis Thompson
I-0-8024-0029-9 Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret Howard Taylor
C-85-8712 I Just Saw Jesus P. Eshleman
C-85-8712 I Just Saw Jesus P. Eshleman
I-1-57673-036-0 I Kissed Dating Goodbye Joshua Harris
C-78-61299 I Love to Tell the Story Joseph Bayly
C-94-24747 I'm Glad You Asked Ken Boa & Larry Moody
I-0-929239-06-7 If You Will Ask Oswald Chamber
I-1-56233-109-4 In This Sanctuary Twila Paris
M01102 Iron Scouts of the Confederacy Lee McGiffin
C-91-628 Jesus: Man of Joy Sherwood Eliot Wirt
I-0-8423-2912-9 Left Behind (A Left Behind Book 1) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
C-88-32466 Legacy of a Pack Rat Ruth Bell Graham
C-78-184531 Letters & Papers from Prison Dietrich Bonhoeffer
I-0-88-368-108-0 Living the New Life Andrew Murray
C-77-81219 Lord, Change Me Evelyn Christenson
M00801 Matthew J. Arthur Spinger
C-91-35017 Miracle in Jerusalem Ross Yockey
I-0-87509-682-4 Missionary Voices H. Robert Cowles et al.
I-0-8423-4556-6 More than a Carpenter Josh Mcdowell
I-0-910566-03-8 New Testment Survey E.T.T.A.
I-0-8423-2924-2 Nicolae (A Left Behind Book 3) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
C-86-8587 No More Mr. Nice Guy! Stephen Brown
C-86-8587 No More Mr. Nice Guy! Stephen Brown
C-85-31026 No Wonder They Call Him the Savior Max Lucado
C-90-86213 On Call David C. Thompson
C-90-86213 On Call David C. Thompson
C-90-86213 On Call David C. Thompson
C-95-77330 One to One Michael Green
I-0-8024-6520-X Pilgrims Progress John Bunyan
C-95-19068 Point of No Return Paul McCusker
C-93-11514 Prince Caspian C.S. Lewis
C-97-40916 Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Doug Fields
I-0-8024-0094-9 Queen of the Dark Chamber Christian Tsai
C-93-46226 Raising the Standard Carman
C-80-16161 Redemption Truths Sir Robert Anderson
C-86-72775 Revolution in World Missions K.P. Yohannan
C-90-43925 River of Danger Denise J. Williamson
I-553-22598-7 Robert's Rules of Order Illustrated by:Will Elsner
C-94-33699 Romans John Scott
C-93-72165 Second Corinthians Paul F. Bubna
M007 Serendipity Newtestament for Groups Serendipity House
C-89-77942 Solving Church Education's Ten Toughest Problems John R. Cionca
I-0-8423-2925-0 Soul Harvest (A Left Behind Book 4) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
I-1-57673-646-6 Stories for a teen's Heart Alice Gray
I-1-57673-797-7 Stories for a teen's Heart book 2 Alice Gray
I-1-57673-703-9 Stories for the extreme teen's heart Alice Gray
C-91-00008 Strange Journey Back Paul McCusker
I-0-913367-57-5 Streams in the Desert Mrs. Charles Cowmans
M00800 Survey of the New Testament Alfred Martin, TH.D.
C-91-61421 Taking Trauma Out of Teen Transition Larry Anderson
I-0-910566-05-04 Teaching Techniques E.T.T.A.
I-0-8007-1277-3 The Battle for the Family Tim LaHaye
C-81-84130 The Beauty of Beholding GOD Darien B. Cooper
C-92-30721 The Body Charles W. Colson
C-93-8981 The Book of Virtues William J. Bennett
I-0-7459-1333-4 The Children's Bible in 365 Stories Mary Batchelor
C-63-11464 The Coming Prince Sir Robert Anderson
C-94-128 The Final Week of Jesus Max Lucado
C-84-19293 The Food News of the Kingdom Coming Andrew G. Hodges
C-78-9539 The Gospel and Its Ministry Sir Robert Anderson
I-0-8499-8414-9 The Grace Awakening Charles R. Swindoll
I-1-55748-422-8 The Greatest Thing in the World Henry Drummond
C-91-25605 The Hidden Price of Greatness R. Beeson
C-93-14300 The Horse and His Boy C.S. Lewis
I-0-8423-2929-3 The Indwelling (A Left Behind Book 7) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
C-79-24835 The Inner Life Andrew Murray
C-95-9395 The Jesus I Never Knew Philip Yancey
C-88-20621 The Joy of Committed Love Gary Smalley
C-93-14302 The Last Battle C.S. Lewis
C-88-93030 The Life of Prayer A.B. Simpson
C-78-9533 The Lord from Heaven Sir Robert Anderson
C-93-14301 The Magician's Nephew C.S. Lewis
C-84-48764 The Magnificant Defeat Ferderick Buechner
C-90-82158 The Man Born to Be King Dorothy Sayers
I-0-8423-3228-6 The Mark (A Left Behind Book 8) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
C-92-17532 The Master Musician John Michael Talbot
C-93-071957 The Name of the Promise Is Jesus Michael Card
C-77-083564 The Normal Christian Life Watchman Nee
C-93-43856 The power of the Cross Steve Green
M009 The Promise of Faith?With Christ We Can Do All Things Father Ralph W. Beiting
I-0-87509-701-4 The Pursuit of God A. W. Tozer
C-90-72046 The Rise of Babylon Charles H. Dyer
I-0-87509-375-2 The Root of the Righteous A. W. Tozer
C-86-19645 The Science of Theology Gillian R. Evans et al.
C-85-16934 The Secret of Happiness Billy Graham
C-78-9528 The Silence of God Sir Robert Anderson
C-93-14299 The Silver Chair C.S. Lewis
M005 The Song of Songs Watchman Nee
C-96-54640 The Stranger's Message Paul McCusker
C-90-38428 The Teenage Q & A Book Josh McDowell&Bill Jones
C-95-4462 The Touch of Jesus Paul Eshleman
C-95-4462 The Touch of Jesus Paul Eshleman
C-93-11515 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader C.S. Lewis
I-0-8499-0295-9 The Word Topical Bible of Issues and Answers William Pinson
I-0-310-30940-9 The Words and Works of Jusus Christ J. Dwight Pentecost
C-86-70279 This Present Darkness Frank E. Peretti
C-90-86214 To China and Back Anthony G. Bollback
C-94-80026 To Vietnam with Love Charles E. Long
I-0-89109-280-3 Topical Memory System The Navigators
C-86-10711 Touch the World through Prayer Wesley L. Duewel
I-0-8423-2921-8 Tribulation Force (A Left Behind Book 2) Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins
I-0-8007-5303-8 Trusting God in a Twisted World Elisabeth Elliot
C-92-10881 Under Siege Josh McDoewll&Chuck Klen
I-0-300-01692-1 Validity in Interpretation E.D. Hirsch, JR.
I-0-87509-800-2 Voices on the Glory Stephen Adams et al.
I-0-8024-0026-4 Waiting on GOD Andrew Murray+C160
I-0-87552-604-7 War of Words Paul David Tripp
M010 What is Christian Education? JG Vos
I-0-310-21862-4 What's So Amazing About Grace Philip Yancey
I-0-8024-7175-7 Whatever Happened to the American Dream Larry Burkett
I-0-87552-600-4 When people Are BIG and GOD Is Small Edward T. Welch
C-90-34624 Where Is GOD When It Hurts? Philip Yancey
C-91-45871 Who Is This Jesus? Michael Green
I-0-913367-56-7 With Christ in the School of Prayer Andrew Murray